• Newly upgraded Plaxel pen with 100 needles

  • ball tip

  • cold plasma flat tip

  • 6 foot cord

  • Training Book

  • certificate of authenticity

  • one year manufacturer’s warranty to cover defects (none have ever been sent back).

  • The online training program with bonus material that can be completed at your own pace.

  • Bonus material is just for you and not required for certification.

  • Lifetime support and access to new material when it is released.

  • Beautiful certificate when all portions of training have been complete and approved by our staff.

  • Digital seal for your website to show you are trained and certified.

  • Marketing plan sprinkled throughout the online training with downloadable social media posts.

  • Basic Facebook or Google ad from our personal professional ad guy to get you started. We cover the fee to build and maintain the ad. $1000 value. This does not include the actual ad spend that Facebook/Google requires to actually run the ad.

What is the price?

Until the end of February it is $2000 plus tax. (tax is $165) In March, this price will go up to $3500 (plus $165 tax). Shipping is free within the United States.

What is involved with the online training?

There are several sections of videos to watch and quizzes to take. Once you complete the online training, you will be required to work on three models and submit video and photos of your work for final approval. All of this can be completed at your own pace.

How long does training take?

It depends on how fast or slow you want to go. Some complete the online portion in a couple of days and some take their time and do it over a few weeks.

What if I have questions during training?

You have access to a trainer at all times to ask questions. Just shoot us an email and we will get back to you within 24 hours. You also get a one on one Q&A session once you complete your online training to get any questions answered before you begin working on your models.

What do you cover in training? Do you provide patterns? Do you cover all techniques? Do you teach how to use all of the tips?

In training we go over history, theory, science, basic skin knowledge as it relates to plasma, how exactly plasma works, many different patterns to get you started, and how to use all tips. You will not need another training to learn other techniques, and if you have questions about a certain technique, you can always contact us. Since the technology of our pen was recently upgraded, we are still getting updates from the manufacturer and still doing our own testing. You will get all of these updates as they become available. You get lifetime support and lifetime access to the training materials.

What’s the difference between Plaxel and Plaxel Plus?

They are the exact same pen. However, Plaxel Plus has a rechargeable capability. The manufacturer cannot ship it with the battery, so we don’t even sell it right now. We also recommend always having your pen plugged in for consistent power anyway. The cord is 6 feet long, so you’ll never have an issue with it being too short.

What is PlaGen?

PlaGen was renamed Plaxel Plus and the original Plaxel was upgraded to do everything that the Plaxel Plus does.

How is Plaxel different than other pens?

Plaxel is true plasma technology. You will see that the dots are white instead of red immediately after treatment, because the plasma actually enters the epidermis. It does not burn the surface of the skin. There is no smell of burning skin and no bleeding. We have a great video on our Plaxel USA youtube channel that shows you how the treatment looks very different. We also have a fine line-erasing ball tip, and a cold plasma tip used to infuse products more deeply into the skin. No one else has this cold plasma technology yet.

Is Plaxel FDA approved?

No. We are working on FDA Registration but are in the very early stages of that process. No plasma pens are FDA registered or approved at this time.

I heard Plamere is FDA registered/approved. Is that true?

Plamere is not FDA approved. It is FDA registered as an electric massage device, not a plasma pen. Let us know if you would like the link to their FDA registry.

FDA link to the Plamere registry:

 Be sure to click on the “Regulation Number” for information on the device classification.

Do you provide after care?

We do not since many skin professionals like to use their own. However, we recommend Membrane Post Care products, which can be ordered directly from them. This information is provided in detail in training along with numbing suggestions. We will also send you a digital copy of your training manual when you enroll, so you can get all the product details immediately. If you would like to order a few of our after care kits, you can do so here:

Where can I order extra supplies?

Can I legally perform plasma in my state?

We cannot provide legal advice, so we recommend you contact your local officials to find out if you can perform this service. We have estheticians, permanent makeup artists, nurse practitioners, and massage therapists in various states and each state is different, so contact your health board to find out the requirements in your state.

Who am I supposed to contact?

Your local inspector would be a good place to start, but again, each state is different in how they regulate this since it is not FDA regulated yet.

I have another esthetician or employee in my office. Do we need to pay to get her certified, too?

She will need her own login to the online classroom, but if you plan to share a device and the training book, we can arrange a discount for her training to help you out.

Do you promote your technicians?

We absolutely do! Anything you want to send us to post on our social media, we will be happy to post for you! We are also working on a provider listing for consumers to find providers in their area.

Does plasma enter the dermis?

It is not supposed to. Our device, when used properly, does not cause any bleeding. The plasma enters the epidermis, and the theory is that the radiating heat does stimulate the fibroblasts in the dermis to produce collagen and elastin. However, the plasma itself does not enter the dermis unless you use the pen incorrectly, which is kind of hard to do when you have proper training.

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